How to build leg and hips?

Understand, after walking a couple of months in the gym, you have not become so experienced athlete to forget about the technology and give advice how to pump up the hip newcomer. You must shed gallons of sweat in the room, go the way of victories and errors before’ll understand. And yet – soak up useful tips from our experts!

Strong, well-folded quadriceps femoris – a sure sign of good physical shape. Huge developed quadriceps can be a nail of the program and allocate you out of the crowd of bodybuilders. Just imagine the contrast between a balanced, aesthetically proportionate body with raised legs and puzatikom on thin legs. So a bunch of guys and engaged in hot pants to hide their shortcomings.

Most likely, simply because you do not escalate the hips like professional bodybuilders, but in your power to make your quads dense, strong, with a clear relief that meet all standards. Follow the correct technique and persevere, then you do not take years to pumping of beautiful hips.

Why swing legs and hips?

Quadriceps constitute a huge amount of muscle mass in the body. They force us to spend countless hours in the gym to shed liters of sweat and all this in order to build up a few grams of muscle and still pump up the thigh. And it’s worth it: quadriceps exercise will allow to increase the muscles of the whole body due to the natural production of growth hormone and testosterone.

Squats, for example, require a huge amount of work all muscles of the body to control weight: the quadriceps and hamstrings, back, trapezoid, shoulders and press – all this contributes to the displacement, and (or) the stabilization of weight during lifting. As a result, the muscles will grow. It is an exercise will help to pump up your thighs. You need to ask yourself one question: Do I want this?

A brief anatomy lesson

If the answer to our question was positive, and you really want to pump up your hips, let’s briefly analyze the anatomy and function of hip muscle groups, so that during a workout, you could represent the work of the body. The hip consists of three muscle groups – the front, medial and posterior.

The front group of the thigh muscles is the most popular among athletes as a target inflation. It consists of the quadriceps (and four of his head – straight, medial, intermediate, lateral), and the longest of all human muscles – tailoring.

The medial femoral group consists of three adductors – long, short and wide, and thin, and a comb.

Rear thigh muscle group combines a thigh biceps, semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles. You want to have a powerful hamstrings? Try this workout from our expert site!

All the muscles of the quadriceps ensure operation of the knee joint. In addition, direct thigh muscle due to its location provides bending legs at the hip joint. All this anatomical information is necessary to remember, doing the exercises on your feet. For what? To understand how to properly inflate the hip and get results! And now to work!

The best exercises for the thighs pumping

Now that you know a little about the anatomy of the hip muscles and functions, let’s delve into what makes quadriceps relief. These exercises and training program aimed at to get the most out of each trip to the gym and pump up quickly thigh. Remember the art and do not use too much weight to avoid injury.


In order to properly and quickly pump up the muscles of the legs – squat. It squats on the back is a major exercise in muscle building. Be in the power rack at the bar and comfortable place it on top of the back, in the trapezius muscle. For stability firmly grasp hold of the neck and move away from the desk. The feet are shoulder width apart or slightly wider.

The amplitude of the movement depends entirely on you. Work on the full range of motion – ideal for any exercise, but squats can trigger pain in the knees and back. Get down as possible and then return to starting position. The main thing – to constantly expand your comfort zone. Squat – rigid exercise, but the result is worth it – you pump up your hips ideal shape.

Deep squats

For these squats stand at the bar and put it on his chest in front of deltas. Cross your forearms – one on top of another – and grab the neck with both hands. Keep your shoulders parallel to the floor, and head up. Take the weight and step back, feet shoulder-width apart. The movement is the same as in a normal squat with a barbell on your shoulders. But it holds back a little straighter. These squats are aimed at pumping up the legs, especially quadriceps unlike conventional sit-ups, which involve more than the hamstrings.

If you are very tall and very lean forward or the heel off the floor for added stability put under them pancakes in 2 or 4 kg. This applies to all variants of squats.

Hack Squat

To work out the larger outer side of the thigh (vastus lateralis muscle) there’s nothing better hack squats. With comfortable for you to stand up in weight trainer at stops, feet on the platform at shoulder width. Get down as possible and then return to starting position. Do not make quick movements, so as not to add to the load on the knees, better work at a constant speed. Feet are not fully straighten.

Leg press

Another great way to increase the weight – a leg press at an angle of 45 degrees. Advantage: minimum load on the lower back, and the maximum – in the thigh. Sit in a simulator, so that you can work on the full range of motion. Put the foot on the platform at shoulder width. Push the weight, keeping the knees slightly bent. Slowly lower the weight by controlling the movement. Get down as low as possible and avoid movements in the half-amplitude – you’re just cheating yourself and do not develop muscles. The correct version – a guarantee that you are guaranteed to pump up yourself powerful thighs.

Straighten the legs in the simulator

For an isolated study of muscles during pumping hips there is nothing better leg extension. Sit on a fitness machine so that the axis around which the movement in the knee joint, coincides with the axis of rotation of the load. Back when this tight against the backrest. Place the ankle under the rollers. Lifts weights at a moderate pace and squeeze the quads in the top of the movement. And then lowered back to its original position. Do not stay at the top, so as not to create unnecessary strain on the knees and joints.

Lunges with a barbell

Lunges – exercise perfectly formed. They give an attractive rounded shape and tie together all of the muscles of the thigh. Despite the fact that all the hip thrusts pumped, in this article we will focus only on the impact on the quads.

Put a relatively light barbell on his shoulders in the squat exercise. Pull back on the power rack and step one foot forward. Bend the leg so that the back leg knee almost touches the floor. And remember: the knee should not extend beyond the foot, if out – a big step. While climbing back foot push off work and return to starting position, putting the feet together. Do the same with the other leg, it will be considered one repetition.

Many instructors prefer leg pumping and especially hip thrusts to the sinking. Make sure your room has space for at least 30 attacks. Make a lunge with one leg. Pull your back leg to the starting position and step forward on the other foot.

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